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Interior design and decoration

Optimize your home

From the purchase to the fitting out with decoration of your interior, My Conciergerie advises you and prepares your property in order to ensure optimization of your income as well as positive customer feedback.

Making your interior comfortable and inviting will maximize your revenue through increased bookings. Good customer reviews help the popularity of your property and increase the rental price per night. 

"Feel at home away from home"

Like at home

When taking a seasonal rental, on a business trip or on vacation, comfort is very important.

This requires good bedding to have a good night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and rested.

Then all the daily necessities are essential; equipped kitchen, bathroom provided, practical equipment, etc.

Finally the atmosphere and the decoration when entering the accommodation will generate the first impression and this is the most important. If the place is appreciated then there is a much better chance that the stay will go well.

Our clients

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